Hobbywing XERUN Bandit 13.5T 3000KV Brushless Sensored 540 Motor

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  • Extreme powerful (the output power of BANDIT G2 motor is 20% higher than the standard V10 motors), specially designed for out-law STOCK races.
  • Designed to withstand extreme levels of use at its highest peak performance.
  • Complete new CNC cut motor case with extra front spoke ventilation slots.
  • Works as a sensored unit and also sensorless without the sensor cable attached.
  • Multiple steps of mechanical timing adjustable from 20 degree to 50 degree.
  • Minimal maintenance is required with precise machining technology which ensures a minimum tolerance end play of the rotor shaft. Eliminating the copper shims used in most of today’s motors.
  • 200℃ high temperature tolerance and high purity copper windings maximize conductivity and reliability.
  • 200℃ high temperature tolerance sintered NdFeb magnets.
  • Extreme low resistance multi-layered outlet PCB and high RPM NSK bearings.

Note: BANDIT G2 motor is compliant with IFMAR rules but not ROAR rules.